$500 Tip for Pizza?

There is a video that is currently going viral that I had to share. A 30 year old man named Aaron died on July 7th, just 3 weeks after his 30th birthday. In his will he asked that if there was enough money left when his bills were paid, that the family go out for pizza and leave a $500 tip.

There wasn’t enough money in his assets to make that happen so his brother, Seth created a website: aaroncollins.org. He asked if people would contribute so that they could make his brother’s wish happen.

They soon had enough donated and they video taped their experience of giving a waitress at a local pizza place $500. The video has now gone viral, they have been interviewed on CNN and have raised over $28,000. That’s enough to give a $500 tip once a week for over a year.

It’s a great example of how we each influence the people around us. There is a story on the website of Aaron leaving a $50 tip after receiving terrible service at a diner. How are we using our lives to influnce and express love to the people around us, regardless of the consequences?