One Year Giveaway


UPDATE: The drawing has been held and the winners notified. Thank you everyone who shared or subscribed during this giveaway! Look for more as we approach the launch of Resonant Frequency!

It’s been a whole year since Reckless Living kicked off! What began as promotion for my book Completely Reckless has been a year long oddessy of sharing stories of Reckless people and of exploring the concept of intentionally living without care of the consequences. Thank you to all of you who head over here on a regular basis and humor me. :) To thank you I am going to give away some free stuff!

We will get to that info in a minute, but I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to my next book project, Resonant Frequency.   This past spring I helped coordinate a Writers Retreat for several aspiring writers (myself included) to write and challenge each other. I went expecting to work on a book from the life of Jonah. Instead this is what poured out. They were thoughts that had been percolating for a while.

How do we discover the things we like?

We try new things.

But how do we challenge ourselves to try new when our equilibrium brings us back to the familiar? Life tends to settle into routines and trends and interacting with new things requires intentionality. Resonant Frequency uses the life of Moses to challenge us to seek new, and listen for the direction of God.  It is a journey of discovery that will have lasting consequences.

If you would like a sneak peak: Click here to download the Introduction. (It’s still going through some editing…)

Resonant Frequency will be coming out at the beginning of 2013.

Now for the free stuff…

To celebrate one year of Reckless Living, I am going to give away:

Prize #1: $25 Amazon Gift Card

Prize # 2: Eden and Completely Reckless (both books) mailed to your door.

Prize #3: One copy of Eden or Completely Reckless (your choice) mailed to your door. 

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