Reckless Parenting

There are few things that we do in life that are more Reckless than parenting. We have defined Reckless as “acting without care of the consequences.” The decision to have a child means that our lives will be forever altered. The words “sleep” and “personal space” take on totally different meanings.

You will find yourself saying things you never thought you would say like ”Fill your cup out of the faucet, not the dogs dish,” and “your brothers head is not a trampoline.”

I recently watched the documentary, Being Elmo. It is the story of Kevin Clash, the man who literally is Elmo. He has played Elmo on Sesame Street almost from the moment Elmo debuted.

On the film (which I highly recommend!), Kevin tells the story of making his first puppet:

I love his dad’s response: “What’s his name?”

No yelling, no sending him to his room. Just encouraging him to pursue his passions. (with a request to ask next time.)

How can we encourage Recklessness in our children? The willingness of Kevin’s parents to allow him to peruse his passions resulted in him going places they never dreamed of. How are we doing the same for our children?