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Stop the Crazy!

I decided my last post wasn’t controversial enough, so I thought I would spice things up this week.

(Just kidding by the way. My last post was my most visited, most commented and shared post since I started this BLOG. Thank you to everyone on both sides of the issue who weighed in. If you missed it, click here for the full post)

There is something about election season that makes me want to bury my head in the sand and not come up for air until mid November. I am embarrassed by the behavior, rhetoric, and tactics that both political parties use. I watched part of the Presidential debate last week and was pretty sure they were going to lower a cage from the ceiling and just have an MMA fight right then and there. (Which would have been amazing by the way…)

Nonsense issues are latched onto because they give traction, not because they are important. Romney talks about the death of the Libyan Ambassador as if President Obama pulled the trigger himself. President Obama talks about Romney’s bank accounts as if he were laundering money for the mob. Neither issue has anything to do with the larger direction of our nation, or their opponents ability to lead said nation.

Simplifying issues wins voters, and raises money.  Campaigns have no incentive to have nuanced views because nuance creates room for accusation, and doesn’t motivate people to action. Discussing the guts of economic policy bores people. Calling your opponent a Communist or a Tax-Evader, that gets the blood pumping.
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