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On Life and Light


If you like me, stop reading now.

Seriously. I have struggled with how to express myself on this topic, because I know that I will make some people mad.

So…. If you like me, read at your own risk. If you don’t know me keep reading. And if you want to participate in gentle discussion at the end, I would welcome it.

Life Chain is an annual event here in Jackson. Nationwide, thousands of people participate. The goal is to gather people together to pray for an end to abortion in our country, and to be a public silent protest.

I have participated in Life Chain events in the past.  I agree with the organizers that abortion is something that should be stopped. I am Pro-Life.

Life Chain was yesterday, and I wanted to share for a minute why our church and I did not participate.

Many people that I know and respect participate in Life Chain. I respect them and their decision to participate. It’s not that I think Life Chain is bad, I simply think it doesn’t get to the root of the problem. It creates more polarization in an already charged atmosphere. I know the focus is to stand in prayerful solidarity, but we need to understand how it is viewed by the very people the church is supposed to be on mission to reach.

Abortion is one of the most polarizing topics in our culture. People on both sides of the issue can’t comprehend how someone could stand on the other side. Pro-Life advocates can’t comprehend how anyone could terminate a pregnancy and not consider it murder. Pro-Choice advocates can’t understand how anyone can call it murder. When one side sees the other as murderers and the other side sees that side as crazy, it’s hard to have an honest discussion. Continue reading →