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How has God’s love changed your life?

Think about your answer to that question for a minute.

There may be reasons your life is different because of God’s existence.  But what about his love? Does the love of God define you, shape how you see yourself and in turn how you see and interact with the world around you?

Because it should.

Completely Reckless is my attempt to help people understand a little better the Reckless love of an amazing God, and how that love, when we allow it to define us, changes everything. Each chapter includes thought provoking questions making Completely Reckless a great book for group study/discussion.

(You can read a sample chapter here)

Completely Reckless is available at

Also available for the Kindle and Nook e-readers.

Also available by Andy, is the novel Eden.

Deep beneath the frozen tundra of Siberia lies a secret. Hidden for millennia, its discovery forever alters the lives of a group of scientists, forcing them to face their greatest fears, and throwing them into a fight for their very survival.

Sandy Martindale believes that the discovery she and her research team has made will catapult her to instant academic fame. A frozen mammoth tucked away from time beneath the Siberian ice has been discovered, complete with proof that this animal didn’t die a natural death. When one of their team falls into a hole in the ice they make a startling discovery that flings them into a world of unexpected surprise and terror. Suddenly this academic exercise has become a fight for survival.

Eden is available at, as well as for the Kindle e-reader.

What people have said about Eden:

When I received “Eden” in the mail, I quickly decided that I would begin reading it immediately. By the end of the first night I had quickly read through the first 30-chapters… I finished the book by the second evening… I truly hope Andy writes more in the future – I would love to add Andy Merritt to my VERY SHORT list of Christian fiction authors that I read.
~ Stevan Sheets – Pastor – Ambrust Wesleyan Church
Read Stevan’s Entire BLOG post about Eden Here:


Great read.  You got me in a little trouble, when I would be reading and my wife would call for me to do something.  Sometimes I was a little slow pulling away from the book.When will your next book be available?  Can’t wait. Also, can’t wait to see movie!
~ Don D.  – Jackson, MI


“It is refreshing to read a novel which captures the depth and breadth of the human soul.  In a profound manner, Merritt has presented the world with a fresh perspective on the creation narrative.   ”
~ Ed Love, Lead Pastor of Epic Church, Portland, MI



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