You are an Uppleva


Our family got a new TV last month. Up until then we had a 32” behemoth in the living room that weighed as much as I do.

My friends made fun of me for it.

“What that huge box doing behind your tv?” they would ask.

I know, my friends are hilarious.

Well, we took some of our tax return this year and decided it was time for a new TV.

When you watch TV, you’re not thinking about everything that goes into your experience.  There are armies of people who make the programing, choose the programing, who make the components for the tvs and put those components together. When we sit down after a long day with a bag of chips and a remote to relax we are experiencing the fruits of thousands of hours of labor.

There is a lot more to TV than meets the eye. Furniture maker Ikea, known for selling items with “some assembly required” recently announced that they were releasing a TV of their own. Conan O’Brien had some fun at their expense, creating this infomercial:

It made me think about the truth though, these things that we inteact with on a daily basis seem so simple,  but are in fact hugely complex.

Kind of like people.

When we interact with someone, whether we are meeting them for the first time or we have known them for years, there is a whole lot more going on than meets the eye.

Who we are today is an accumulation of many  things. It’s an accumulation of our past experiences, of our upbringing, of the ups and the downs that life has thrown at us, the words that have been said to us and about us. All of this is conveyed by the “screen” of today. The more that we remember what has gone into that “screen” the more compassion we will have, the more patience we will be willing to expend, and the more understanding we will express. Nobody got to today without yesterday.